Saturday, April 25, 2009

Paris Artwalk photos--24 April 2009

Another Paris Artwalk has come and gone. First I'd like to thank Marilyn Campbell for hosting Cliff and myself once again. Marilyn was great as always! I am very appreciative of everyone who stopped by especially my co-worker friends in the library world, it was great to see all of you. I was also thrilled my friends Norma Gilpin and Beth Hensel were able to stop by as they are the models for two of the paintings I had on display. A special treat was to finally meet fellow Pre-Raphaelite art lover Rebecca Chamberlain who is an artist and art historian from Winchester and a dear friend of my friend Polly Singer. Rebecca also has the Ladies Historical Tea blog linked from my blog.

Turnout was pretty good, though once again the wind blew away our marker balloons that showed we were participants and we might not have gotten quite as many people as we hoped. For the next Artwalk, I will probably makes some larger signage and get my own sandwich board and rig up something to attach the balloons to.

Update: this is a link to Cliff Sullivan's blog on the same event with pictures

Click on the images for a larger view

Patrick Lynch and Cliff Sullivan

My paintings on display just before the start of Artwalk.

Some of the crowd later in the evening. When the exhibit space was crowded, I never had a chance to actually take any pictures.

Cliff, his friend Brandy and his wife Melissa laughing at something one of us said. They are standing next my two favourite paintings of Cliff's.

BoldMy very dear friend Norma Gilpin who modelled for the lady in the boat with a gramophone paintings My Heart Dreams of a Sea of Stars, Calling Me Home To You,For The Stars Help Me, And The Sea Bears Part.

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Rebecca said...

Patrick, it was wonderful to meet you at the Artwalk. I've joined SCA and hope to be doing some art-related things in Paris in the future.

You have to come over to the tea society and see some of the photos from our Edwardian picnic at White Hall. I've got some great resource photos for my future drawings/paintings.