Friday, November 20, 2009

The rebuilt Beautiful Past website is online!

At long last, I have finally rebuilt the main Beautiful Past website using some modern software. I was able to down load both my main site and the Charlotte gallery/websites into Yahoo Site Builder. Over the last couple of weeks, I have been redoing every single page of the main site for a more antique feel.

The site has much larger images, a new Victorian Collage gallery and all of the paintings featured here in the blog now have their own web pages. Soon, I will start rebuilding the Charlotte gallery/website so that I can add the 30th anniversary painting to the site.

The beauty of Site Builder is that updating and correcting errors is now so much easier. I don't have to tear down the whole site just to update a page. Site Builder uploads the changes without messing up the rest of the site which is a lot more than my poor old 1990's Windows Draw 6 programme could ever do. Because Yahoo is my web host, I don't have to worry about FTP addresses, I just hit Publish and the files are smoothly updated.

For a website as large as mine, I probably missed something. If you come across any oddities in the site, please drop me a line so I can correct it. I welcome feedback on how the site is put together, how it looks etc.

Click here to see the new Beautiful Past website:



Sam said...

Interesting combination of media. What made you settle on acrylic over the years as opposed to, say, oil?

Patrick Lynch said...

I had started out in oils in the mid 1970's but stopped around 1984-85. My subsequent studio spaces tended not have enough ventilation so I switched over to coloured pencil on hot press watercolour paper. About 1997, when I was in the tower studio at Loudoun House I decided to start painting on canvas again but again with a tight studio space and the addition of adult onset asthma I decided on acrylics.

With acrylics,I like the clean up with water, I like the ability to glaze over coloured pencils and still see the pencil work underneath. There are mediums I can add to acrylics that I didn't know about when I first tried it in the 1980's Acrylic paint has improved greatly over the last twenty years. The quality brands have far less shifting of colour when the pigment dries and there are ways now to extend working time.

I'm also not sure I have the patience I once did for oil paint to dry or else I might have gone with the water-miscible oil paints.