Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November update

It was brought to my kind attention that I didn't have links to the galleries showing my work on the blog. I had posted those links on the gallery page but it had never occurred to me that someone finding the blog rather than the main website might want those links, so I amend the page here. Chuck, thanks for catching that! :-)

The Creative Harvest exhibit at the Hopewell Museum had a very well attended opening and I was delighted and honoured by the friends who came to see it. Special thanks to Valerie Powell for being there. As soon as I can get some pictures or a link to the coverage of it locally, I'll post an update.

The music player has had some added tracks and some rearranging of the playlist. I'm starting to see a choral, harpsichord and mellotron theme. I've also added some treasured Celtic pieces though others still elude me. I have been pleasantly surprised by the music I've been able to play on this electronic gramophone.

Paintings have been going slowly, visits from dear friends, autumn chores having been pleasant distractions. Now that the weather has turned colder and greyer, I will be spending much more time in the studio. So many ideas for paintings flying around in my mind, so little time......

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Lori Adkins said...


I am enjoying your blog quite a bit. Since you and I don't email much anymore, your blog is a great way for me to hear from you, even if you are writing to everyone else at the same time!

And I love your music player, especially the pop-out option. It allowed me to listen to your selections while I continued my other internet tasks. Thanks for that.

Jeff, Benjamin, Jonathan and I didn't make it back east to KY this summer from CA, but we will be heading back next summer so we can get together then. Maybe you'll let me take some pics of you in your wonderful period clothes. It sounds like fun to me. What do you think?

Take care of yourself. Miss you.