Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pictures from the Creative Harvest opening

Christi Fish, right, president of Stoner Creek Arts was kind enough to send me pictures from the Creative Harvest opening which will be reproduced here. In this photo, you can see my painting of Barnabas in the background. I am ashamed to admit that I can't remember the name of the artist standing with Christi. He did an incredible Renaissance style religious painting with dozens of figures painted in the grand tradition of the old masters. Click on the image to enlarge. You can see his painting over his right shoulder. I also couldn't help noticing that he bore a resemblance to an older Barnabas.

These are some of my very dearest friends. From left to right: Polly Singer, Valerie Powell, Beth Hensel, Patrick Lynch and Norma Gilpin. I've either painted or drawn pictures of each of the women in this photo. I'm currently working on paintings of both Norma and Valerie. Click on photo to enlarge. Polly was featured in The Love Letter, Beth in The Angel's Serenade, (on display at Hopewell) and Norma in Calling Me Home To You. Norma you will know from the paintings of the Edwardian lady in the boat with a gramophone sailing across the night skies. The painting I'm currently working on will be the third of a trilogy of those paintings featuring Norma before taking the boats in the night sky paintings in a somewhat different direction or at least a different vantage point.

While I was looking at paintings and talking with people. I couldn't help noticing this duo was actually performing Emerson, Lake and Palmer songs from the album Brain Salad Surgery as well as classics by Simon and Garfunkel. Loved it. Click on image to enlarge.

I'm not sure who the person on the left is, but I recently met Ron and Kathy Carter at a Halloween Party with my co-workers at the Paris-Bourbon County Public Library (artist with a day job, imagine that!) Ron is very active with the Hopewell Museum and was a driving force in the restoration of the 1910 Post Office building that houses the museum. His wife Kathy was a long time teacher in the local school system and my friend Beth Hensel's all time favourite English teacher. Hmm, is that an orb over Ron's left shoulder? Or is it a dust particle picked up by the digital camera? The building does seem to have an energy about it, a very positive one. Ghost hunters can click on the image to enlarge and decide for themselves.

I met so many nice people that it's embarrassing I can't remember all the names. In the centre is Nancy Kleck who owns a gallery/studio on Main Street in Paris. She does fabulous equine paintings. We both have work in the travelling Paris Mobile Art exhibit. The lovely person to Nancy's left I remember seeing at the library's Halloween Party and I talked with her pleasantly for a few minutes at the opening about the tv show Dark Shadows. Seems I wasn't the only one who dashed home from school to watch it! Anyone who reads this blog who can identify people in the photos that I can't please contact me so I can get everyone's names right.

Christi Fish, right, speaking with two nice people whose names I do not yet know. Again, if anyone reading this blog can identify any of the people I have not properly identified, please contact me and I will edit the post accordingly. Thanks!

Thanks to all my friends who could be there to support me. After the opening, we had a great dinner at Campbell's Restaurant.

The following was the text of the e-mail Christi sent to Stoner Creek Arts members and friends about the opening:

Dear Stoner Creek Arts Members and Friends,
We had a great turn out Friday night for the opening reception of Creative Harvest. We would like to thank Candy Beauman, from The Art Studio, for acting as this year's judge. Best in Show went to Betsy Kephart for Water Lily, Bellingrath Gardens. Other winners were Judy Jones for Keeneland Morning, Kay Collier McLaughlin for Homage to Art and Music in 3/4 Time, and Suzanne Dungan for Tiny Twisted Basket. Congratulations to each of our winners. As we all know, there were many wonderful pieces of artwork submitted. We are fortunate to have so much talent in the Paris area. I attached the pictures I took at the reception. Betsey did a great job, as usual. Thanks, also to everyone who contributed to the auction. I know we did well with it. I'll have the exact totals for you soon. An article for the newspaper will go out this week, and should be in the paper Nov. 26.
Christi Fish
President Stoner Creek Arts


ThriftShopRomantic said...

It looks like such a nice event, and it's fun to see the actual photos of folks you've painted in the past. I'm glad to hear it was a success.

PS- Happy Thanksgiving in advance to you, Patrick!

Patrick Lynch said...

Thank you! I have been very blessed having the friends that I do. My upcoming paintings of Valerie will be some of my best.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jenn!